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At Steven Hoskins Cooling, we believe that knowledge is the most powerful tool in air conditioning repair and service. We have compiled this list of most frequently asked air conditioning and heating questions in order to better help our current and prospective clients. Here are the top air conditioning questions and answers...

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Is there anything I can check on my Air Conditioning unit before I call for service?

Yes! One of the first items that most air conditioning and heating clients miss is checking their air filter once a month. A handy reminder for us, is that when you get your electric bill in the mail, simply use that as your gauge to change out your air conditioning filter. Secondly, be sure to check your circuit breaker before you call for Air Conditioning Service or Repair. This common quick fix, is the largest source of our emergency service calls. Lastly, an extended service agreement might be an additional item to ensure “peace of mind” regarding your air conditioning and heating needs.

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I read recently that the air conditioning system in standard homes is the single largest energy “hog” these days. Are there any new products that would help us save the environment, not to mention some money?

There are many! Please visit our “Products” page for a specific list of all the current items that are saving our Air Conditioning and heating clients money for their homes and businesses. Not to mention making our environment cleaner and safer for future generations.

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My electricity bill is almost double the usual amount during the hottest summer months. Is there anything I can do to help develop a more consistent energy bill?

Absolutely! There are many things that consumers can do to start saving money on their air conditioning and heating costs. First, we suggest you install a digital thermostat. This small change can help regulate the temperature in your home or business consistently while you aren’t there. Secondly, check to see if your equipment is Energy Star™ certified. This governmental program was designed to help consumers quickly identify products and services that would help them save money and the environment. The Energy Star™ rated Air Conditioning and heating systems use up to 40% less electricity than previous models. This translates to a huge savings when your electric bill comes around. We help our heating and air conditioning clients save money for years to come, without breaking the bank during installation.

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We just bought our first home, although new to us, it isn’t exactly new. Where do we start?

This is a great question! A large number of first time home buyers find themselves in the same scenario when it comes to their air conditioning and heating systems. The first place we would suggest all new home buyers begin is with one of our extended service agreements. For a low fee, we will ensure that any heating and air conditioning needs that you might have will be covered, no matter what the cost. This enables you to feel secure in any new home purchase, and that you won’t have “buyer’s remorse” when the air conditioner needs a new coil or heating element. Emergency Air Conditioning repairs are costly. The Extended Service Agreement is the new homeowner’s “Insurance Policy” for unforeseen Air Conditioning repair costs.

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