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Serving Brevard County since 1985

Emergency Service


Cocoa Beach, FL Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance Service by Steve Hoskins

Steve Hoskins Air Conditioning offers Cocoa Beach, FL air conditioning repair and maintenance services to customers throughout the area. We take pride in providing fast and reliable AC repair service, and we also offer comprehensive maintenance services. We are here 24 hours a day and we will send a repair technician to your home ASAP if your air conditioner has shut down. We service all makes and models. Be sure to call Steve Hoskins AC for all of your air conditioning repair and maintenance services.

Steve Hoskins Air Conditioning offers heating and air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance in Cocoa Beach, FL and the surrounding areas in Brevard County, FL.

24 Hour Air Conditioning Repair in Cocoa Beach, FL

If you need air conditioning repair services, call the friendly technicians at Steve Hoskins AC. We can send someone to your Cocoa Beach, FL home quickly to resolve whatever AC issue you have. Our technicians are certified and trained to fix everything from a refrigerant leak to ductwork repair. Call us as soon as you start to notice any issues so that we can take care of issues before they become larger problems. We also offer complimentary second opinions and free estimates for all proposed air conditioning repairs.

What to Do Before Calling for an AC Repair

Before you call us, there are a few things that could be causing the issue that you might not have thought of to check. One of the first items that most homeowners miss is cleaning or replacing the air filter once a month. A handy reminder is to use your monthly electric bill as a gauge: when it arrives in the mail, check your air conditioning filter. If the AC unit has shut down, always check your circuit breaker before you call. Your breaker can be tripped during a storm or power surge, but if your air conditioning system blows a fuse on a regular basis, call an electrician or repair technician to take a look. While it is a common and easy fix, a tripped breaker is the most common reason for our emergency service calls.

Trane Air Conditioning Repair

We have been servicing Trane air conditioning systems for more than 30 years, so you can rest assured that we know your system in and out. No matter what your air conditioning problem is, we will do our best to fix it as quickly and efficiently as possible. While we know Trane air conditioning systems are some of the most reliable, no mechanical device lasts forever. Call us today if you need Trane air conditioning repair in Cocoa Beach, FL!

Cocoa Beach, FL Air Conditioning Maintenance Service

When you sign up for our extended service agreement, it can help to prevent repairs and give you the peace of mind that your air conditioning system will work all summer long without issues. While there’s always the chance for an unexpected repair, routine tune–up helps by locating any hidden issues. We offer a 23 point inspection, and we are here to help you if you need advice or tips on how to help maintain your AC system.

Call Steve Hoskins AC for Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance Service in Cocoa Beach, FL

Call Steve Hoskins AC for Cocoa Beach, FL air conditioning repair and maintenance service. We offer maintenance and air conditioning repairs for customers throughout the service area. If you want to help extend the life of your system and prevent repairs, sign up for our service plan. We are also here 24/7 for emergency AC repair, so call any time you have an urgent repair need.