Reasons for a Drop in Airflow from Your Heating System

Many homes in Merritt Island, FL have some sort of forced air system to heat their homes. You heat pump or furnace generates warm air, which is then blown into your house via a fan. The system works extremely well, and most people are familiar with at least the basics. That’s why a drop in your system’s air flow is a cause for concern. Without proper air flow, the heat can’t get into your home. Your energy bills will go up and your heater won’t work the way it’s supposed to. There are several possible reasons for a drop in air flow from your heating system.

In most cases, a drop results from a clog in the system or a build-up in the air ducts themselves. This can come from a lack of maintenance, damage to the ducts, an unchanged air filter or similar issues. In addition to lowering the air flow, such problems can also spread dust and contaminants through your home, lowering the air quality and exacerbating allergies in the process.

In cases where the drop in airflow doesn’t stem from a clog or build-up, you’re likely looking at a problem with the fan. This can stem from a faulty motor, a frayed or loose fan belt, or the fan itself. There may be something blocking the fan blades, or the blades may be bent and rubbing up against other nearby components. It might also be that the heater has completely lost power, in which case the fan won’t turn no matter what state it’s in.

Whatever the reasons for a drop in airflow from your heating system, you need a professional technician to deduce the exact source of the issue before implementing a solution. If you need heating service in Merritt Island, FL, call Steve Hoskins Air Conditioning. If you notice a drop in the efficiency of your heating system, pick up the phone and give us a call today to make an appointment. We’re dedicated to your complete satisfaction every step of the way!

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