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Merritt Island, FL Air Conditioning Guide: Cheap Ways to Cool Your Home More Efficiently

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Are you concerned about your energy consumption during the cooling season? Are you looking for ways to make your air conditioner more energy efficient? There are numerous cheap ways to cool your home more efficiently this summer. While professional installation and routine maintenance are critical to your AC’s operation, sometimes you need a boost. As one of the leading providers in your service area, we help many customers ensure that they are getting the most from their cooling systems and we’d like to do the same for you. Call Steve Hoskins Air Conditioning today for comprehensive Merritt Island, FL air conditioning services, from upgrades to system replacements.

Let’s have a look at some relatively inexpensive upgrades and services that will boost your AC’s energy efficiency:

  • Programmable thermostat. If you have a conventional thermostat, then upgrading to a digital programmable model can lead to significant energy savings. When you install one of these devices, you can then create a customized schedule of cooling so that you don’t use any energy unnecessarily. You can set the cooling to go off right after you leave the house, and then go on again an hour before you arrive home from work. Don’t waste energy to cool your home while you’re not there.
  • Zone control system. If you want more control over your cooling, then consider integrating a zone control system into your central air. This involves the installation of electronically controlled dampers at strategic points in your ductwork, thus dividing your home into zones, each of which can be individually temperature-controlled. You can avoid any future temperature disagreement with zone control. You can also avoid the one-temperature-fits-all approach of having one thermostat, and significantly cut down on your energy costs every month, which are high enough as it is during the cooling season.
  • Duct cleaning. Eliminating the dust and debris that builds up inside your ductwork is a great way to ensure that your system has the airflow necessary to perform efficiently. Even small layers of dust can impede the passage of cool air, which makes your system work that much harder.

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