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Merritt Island, FL Air Conditioning Tip: How Ductwork Affects the Performance of Your Air Conditioner

Monday, May 6th, 2013

For those of us who have a forced air distribution system, we know that our air conditioners rely heavily on the integrity and effectiveness of our ductwork. Your air ducts run throughout your walls, floors, and ceilings, often through unoccupied spaces, like in-between the walls and through the attic. Taking care of them means taking care of your home comfort, as well as the energy efficiency and cooling effectiveness of your home. Duct cleaning and sealing are great ways to ensure that your summer is uninterrupted by inadequate cooling and unnecessary repairs. Call Steve Hoskins Air Conditioning today for comprehensive Merritt Island, FL air conditioning and duct services.

  • Cracks, holes, and loose connections: Over time, your ducts can develop cracks, holes, and loose joint connections. While the reason may simply be general wear and tear, temperature fluctuations and accidental physical damage may also contribute to your cooling deficiencies. If there are any breaches in the airflow system of your ducts, then it means your cooled air may be leaking into unoccupied spaces of your home, including the hot attic or even between the walls. This leads to performance issues, but also wastes electrical energy.
  • Dust: Dust is the most common obstacle to efficient airflow. Your ducts need to be free and clear of dust in order to extract warm air from your rapidly, and then also send cooled air back throughout your home. Even a very thin layer of dust can pose significant problems to the passage of air. Airflow blockages can lead to significant performance and energy efficiency issues. 
  • Other debris: Pollen and dander can also lead to similar obstruction of airflow. Performance, efficiency, and indoor air quality often go together. For example, not only do such debris get in the way of conditioned air, but they also tend to become airborne in the process, leading to significant indoor air quality issues.

Ensuring that your ductwork is sealed and clean at all times is much more than a simple performance issue. It will help you run your AC efficiently, and it promotes good indoor air quality levels so that you can avoid stuffy, uncomfortable air this cooling season. Call Steve Hoskins Air Conditioning today air conditioning service in Merritt Island, FL.