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3 Reasons to Schedule Spring Maintenance for Your Heat Pump

Sunday, September 13th, 2015

Heat pumps are popular in part because they combine heating and air conditioning into one unit: meaning that you can use them all year ‘round. Here in Rockledge, that makes heat pumps a great choice for your home, though that same versatility may cause you to skip on much needed maintenance during certain parts of the year. With winter winding down, a service call on most types of heaters would be in order, but since heat pumps serve double-duty as air conditioners, home owners may be willing to skip that step and just keep going. That can be a big mistake. Here are 3 reasons to schedule spring maintenance for your heat pump.

  1. Higher efficiency. A maintenance session improves efficiency of your unit by cleaning off dust and dirt, tightening loose fittings and recharging refrigerant levels if they have dropped. All of that improves your heat pump’s efficiency, helping you save money on monthly bills before our hot and humid summers get started.
  2. Neither hot nor cold. The spring is one of the few times of the year when the need for either heating or air conditioning is fairly low. That allows you to schedule a session at your convenience and take care of it without rushing: something you may not be able to do when the temperatures rise later in the summer.
  3. A busy winter. Heat pumps are usually called into duty throughout the winter, which means that dust, dirt and wear and tear all go up. Dust increases friction on moving parts and other examples of strain can increase the chances of a major breakdown happening in the future. A maintenance visit can keep that risk to a minimum, ensuring that your heat pump functions as expected when you need it to.

When winter ends, you want to assess the effects and make sure everything is running smoothly. This is doubly true with heat pumps, which need to get ready for the summer even as they get a little TLC for the winter. For more reasons to schedule spring maintenance for your heat pump in Rockledge, FL or to schedule a service call today, the experts at Steve Hoskins Air Conditioning are standing by. Pick up the phone and give us a call today!