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Cocoa Beach, FL Duct Sealing Service by Steve Hoskins Air Conditioning

Steve Hoskins Air Conditioning offers duct sealing services in Cocoa Beach, FL and throughout the area. If you are concerned about the condition of the ductwork in your home, you may benefit from a duct sealing service. When you call us, our duct sealing experts can answer any questions or set up a consultation with one of our technicians. We will send a certified technician to your home for duct testing and inspection to determine the condition of your ductwork. Our services don’t stop there. We also offer 24/7 repair and service plans so that you can be sure that your entire heating and cooling system is in excellent condition. Call today to get started!

Steve Hoskins Air Conditioning offers heating and air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance in Cocoa Beach, FL and the surrounding areas in Brevard County, FL.

Duct Sealing in Cocoa Beach, FL

Leaky ductwork can contribute to a large portion of the energy waste in the standard home, as much as 30% according to the EPA. If your ducts were not installed correctly, or if the ductwork is old and has deteriorated or shifted over time, you could be wasting a lot of energy without knowing it. Holes, cracks, and loose joints are common causes for air leaks in the ductwork of many homes in our area. Poor design can also lead to inadequate airflow; if your air duct system has long runs, or too many bends or turns in it, it can greatly reduce the efficiency of your heating and AC system.

Duct sealing can also help improve indoor air quality because it seals off any places where pet dander, dust, or pollen can get inside. It also prevents mold growth by keeping moisture out. Keep in mind that duct tape is not a permanent solution. The proper materials must be used for adequate duct sealing. Always hire a professional that you can trust to handle all of your duct sealing services. Call us any time for more information.

Duct Repair Services

While you may not realize that you need a duct repair service, calling Steve Hoskins Air Conditioning for a duct sealing service can reveal any ductwork issues that require repair or replacement. Call us if you notice anything unusual about your home’s heating and AC system, such as a sudden increase in your utility bills. While this may have another explanation, there’s a chance that poorly–designed or leaky ductwork is causing the problem. We want to help you find a cost–effective solution, so that’s why you should contact Steve Hoskins AC for all of your ductwork services.

Call the Cocoa Beach, FL Duct Sealing Experts at Steve Hoskins AC

Call the Cocoa Beach, FL duct sealing experts at Steve Hoskins AC for quality duct sealing service. We offer comprehensive duct repair service. We use the methods that are backed by industry standards, and we offer duct repair 24/7. If you see any obvious damages to your ductwork, don’t hesitate to call us. Don’t waste any more money on leaky ductwork. Call Steve Hoskins Air Conditioning for a duct sealing service today!